Arts Advocate and Educator


Community and Audience Development

George Stelluto believes that successful community and audience development is the result of an arts organization embracing its community. Once an orchestra resolves to truly understand the nature and needs of the community it serves (the entire community), it becomes easier to connect with the it without sacrificing its artistic mission. From casual meetings, to hospital visits, to “flashmob” activities, to formal concerts – all of these activities can benefit constituents on both sides of the equation. The key is consistent, meaningful effort that builds on previous efforts, lessons learned, and the courage to try new things. Throughout his career, George Stelluto has programmed and produced concerts at community centers, retirement facilities, houses of worship, schools, libraries, and more. While the technology of the Internet is bringing music to more and more people around the world (and this is a good thing), nothing can replace the immediate connection of a live performance and a face-to-face smile between an artist and an audience member.

In 2012-2013, the Peoria Symphony Orchestra added 207 new season subscribers. On March 12, 2013 the PSO won the Illinois Council of Orchestras “2013 Professional Orchestra of the Year” for its 2011-2012 season’s innovative programming and outreach. Under his leadership, the PSO now broadcast six television shows a season for adults and children centered on learning about and enjoying music together. These two series “SoundBites” and “Musical Discoveries” are broadcast to over sixty counties in Central and Southern Illinois through Public Television stations in Peoria and Champaign. Copies of these programs are also distributed to hospitals, schools, and senior centers for broadcast on their closed-circuit networks.

The PSO now engages its guest artists for Resident Artist Weeks (RAW) in the region. The residencies typically involve about a one to five days of events, tailored to the artists’ strengths and include media interviews, appearances at schools, hospitals, senior centers, donor events, special concerts at homes, bars, and churches, lunch and learn events at the symphony space, Q&A with young performers, performances on our television series, masterclasses, performances on our Student Concerts, and more. Recent RAW events included artists such as Orion Weiss, Arnaud Sussmann, Ramsey Lewis, Charles Yang, Mike Block, Quartetto Gelato, Jade Simmons, Richard Kogan, Audra McDonald, Olga Kern, to name only some. From 2010-2017, some 250 RAW events have occurred.


Arts Advocacy Presentations by George Stelluto


Music and Medicine

Music and Medicine is a musical performance combined with a symposium exploring the latest medical research on the physiological, neurological, and psychological benefits of music. Medical Researchers, Physicians, and Musician Doctors discuss and demonstrate the latest Brain Research related to music. George Stelluto developed this presentation in collaboration with members of the medical community and this multi-media presentation can be repeated in almost any community.

Building Cultural Infrastructure©

BUILDING CULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE© is a speech, lecture, and seminar that George Stelluto developed to encourage key “cultural constituents” to work together toward an integrated cultural structure within their communities. Specifically, he offers a blueprint by which educational, business, and arts organizations, along with foundations, government, and other community entities can systematically construct a “Cultural Infrastructure” over a long period that benefits all constituents and improves the quality of life in a community, city, or state. The goal of the integration is to maximize the results from funding, reduce costs for cultural endeavors, increase advanced planning to include educational initiatives, improve the quality of artistic presentations, and establish culture (the arts) as a vital part of a healthy, fruitful, and growing social and economic community.

Business – Music Leadership

Related to his work on BUILDING CULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE© George Stelluto is a proponent of the Arts as an important part of economic development within a community. An integrated arts community that positively impacts areas such as education and health services does more than entertain. It develops and maintains problem-solving, critical-thinking and creative minds of all ages. It helps generate government and private business revenue. It helps maintain the vibrant qualities that identify great communities and societies. Working with government and business to create an attractive, synergistic environment for economic and employee development is a vital new role for arts organizations in the 21 st Century. To fill this role, arts organizations must think outside their own boxes. This means innovation, creative problem-solving, and change for artistic institutions. George Stelluto believes that business, government, and the arts can all learn important lessons from each other.

Economic Impact of Your Arts Community

A speech and presentation, tailored for each community, featuring hard data and research presented by George Stelluto to inform key “cultural constituents” regarding the true value, beyond entertainment, of the arts in their community – including areas of education, work force development, social issues, tax revenue, and economic development.



International Artist-Teacher


New York, New York – Juilliard Pre-College Orchestras
Sao Paulo, Brazil – GURI Orchestra – Santa Marcelina Cultura
Mexico City, Mexico – Escuela Superior de Musica
Beijing, China – Beijing Conservatory Orchestra
Quito, Ecuador – Sinfonia Por La Vida
Bern, Switzerland – Youth Orchestra of Bern
Lodz, Poland – Wieniawski Youth Orchestra
Greenville, South Carolina – South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts
Elgin, Illinois – Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra
New York, New York – New York Youth Symphony
New York, New York – Juilliard Pre-College
Boston, Massachusetts – Youth Philharmonic Orchestra – NEC
Boston, Massachusetts – New England Conservatory Orchestra
Pasadena, California – Pasadena Young Musicians Orchestra
Peoria, Illinois – Central Illinois Youth Symphony
New York, New York – InterSchool Orchestras of New York


Charleston, South Carolina – South Carolina Governor’s School
Bloomington, Illinois – University of Illinois
New York, New York – The Juilliard School
Boston, Massachusetts – Walnut Hill School
Peoria, Illinois – Bradley University
Pasadena, California – Pasadena College
Boston, Massachusetts – Longy School
Hartford, Connecticut – Hartt School of Music