The PSO! Wow!

On a recent drive across the Midwest, I mused about PSO seasons past and future. The six-hour trek was rife with astonishing realizations about what we have become and are becoming. “Wow!” I thought, as I tried to sum it all up in my head, so many things: memories of patron reactions, the orchestra’s accomplishments, and the endless list of people to thank. So, when I was asked to write my end-of-the-season blog, I was in a quandary. I hope you’ll forgive the following stream-of-consciousness-rhyme. It was the only way I could do it.

PSO 2018-2019

Spring has sprung from Winter’s debris, and Season 121 will soon be spent.
Yet, our florid spirits, like Spring, fly free with gratitude and expectation; musically sent.

We started in Scotland and Dvorak’s nation, then quickly departed for Hogsmeade Station.
After Potter, came The Messiah with Apollo; then Bunny, Babar and Fuzzy Ears to follow.

With CIB* and TK5* we reveled in dance; Ellington and Mendelssohn with Mr. Duce.
This Jazzy collaboration enhancing romance; and then The Party, celebration profuse.

Beethoven, Boccherini, and Haydn, pranked us a few; adding, what, a Fandango?
And finally, New York, it’s stuff a-stridin’, a fitting finale to our 1-2-1 Jango.

And let’s not forget TV, radio, outreach, and events in between; all these are important too.
In addition to our subscription scene, we present them all for you.

Because membership has its privileges, my dear musical friends!
From its cultural, social, and healthful bridges, music’s benefit never ends.

Our edifying circle, has many components; Board, Foundation, Guild, sponsors and donors.
With wonderful musicians, staff, patrons, and subscribing-proponents; you Peoria are the owners.

In my heart, I thank you all, for such hard work, and a wonderful job!
Contributing crucially in ways great and small; you marvelous, ebullient, feisty (umm) cultural mob!

But what will the future bring; what new buds are on this musical rose?
I assure you there is many a thing; blossoms worth hearing and seeing, so keep on your toes.

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Ravel, Tchaikovsky – for what more could you ask?
OK then: great guest artists, a movie, familiar friends, and more are up for the task!

Want more? It’s all here; and hey, how about a nice discount for a friend and you?
Well then, act fast, read on with glee; find out what we’re about in 122!

*CIB Central Illinois Ballet
* TK5 Todd Kelly Quintet